Jen Dixon in her studio

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About Jen Dixon

American born, internationally-selling artist, Jen Dixon works mostly in mixed media abstract and figurative painting. She is also an illustrator, writer, and teaches life-drawing. Originally from Indiana, she became a British citizen, and lives in a small village on the North Cornwall coast of England.
Having led her first art classes at the age of 6, she carried on with art throughout her school days by selling pencil portraits and sign-painting for local businesses. She taught art to young teens before achieving a degree in Industrial Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
Jen has been a working muralist, corporate display artist for former national retail giant Musicland Group (US), and a commissions painter.

“My abstract works have developed something of a vocabulary – a language. These are typically the highly emotional works, tapping into both my struggles with depression and ADHD.

This need to create order from chaos is the point of confrontation between being a fine artist with mental illness and my training as an industrial designer.”